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We do everything we can to keep treatment costs as low as possible for our patients, while ensuring the quality of services provided and materials used are not sacrificed.

We also value the importance of being as transparent as possible with our pricing, so there are no surprises. Below you will find a standard procedure price list, which includes many of the procedures we offer for both children and adults.

Pediatric Pricing



First Dental Exam $103
Dental Exam Price $56

Dental Images:

  • 1 Periapical $38
  • Additional Periapical $31
  • 2 Bitewings $58
  • 4 Bitewings $82
  • Panoramic $146
  • Full Mouth Series $166

Preventative Maintenance

13 and under Prophylaxis/Cleaning $96
14 and over Prophylaxis/Cleaning $119
Topical Fluoride Varnish $47
Sealants $66


Composite Restorations (Tooth-Colored Filling )

  • 1 Surface Posterior $215
  • 1 Surface Anterior $187
  • 2 Surface Posterior $299
  • 2 Surface Anterior $229
  • 3 Surface Posterior $389
  • 3 Surface Anterior $276
  • 4 Surface Posterior $452
  • 4 Surface Anterior $341


Endodontic Therapy/Pulpotomy

  • Indirect Pulp Cap $30
  • Direct Pulp Cap $30
  • Vital Pulpotomy $196


Exodontia – Extraction – Tooth Removal

  • Single Tooth $208
  • Coronal Remnant $154
  • Supernumery $208


Laser Therapy

  • Frenectomy: $508
  • Gingivectomy 1-3 Teeth: $430
  • Gingivectomy 4+ Teeth: $707


Oro-Maxillofacial Orthopedic and Orthodontic Treatment

  • Varies between $3,000-$6,000
  • Replacement of lost or broken retainers/appliances $200
  • Custom Mouthguard $275

Space Maintainers:

  • Unilateral fixed: $367
  • Bilateral fixed: $568

Pain and Anxiety Reduction

Nitrous Oxide $105

Teeth Whitening

Bleaching $272

Adult Pricing


To ensure all financial polices are clear and understandable, Dr. Manuel Posada and his team individually review fees associated with treatment at the time of scheduling and treatment planning.

For all questions regarding adult patient care, please contact Dr. Manuel Posada’s patient coordinator Erica at 603-369-9522

A Note About Unlisted Pricing & Pricing Variations

  • Pricing differs significantly between pediatric and adult patients, and is also dependent on your insurance type and coverage.
  • Pricing for extensive procedures and those specific to individual treatment plans are not listed due the variables that may exist from patient to patient.
  • Individual treatment plan estimates are available upon request, prior to the procedure being performed.


Have any questions about pricing? Call us today. For information about Insurance and Financial Assistance: click here.

Payment Methods


Payment is due at the time of service. For your convenience, we accept the following payment methods: cash, personal checks, credit cards, and Care Credit.


Credit Cards
We accept the following credit cards:





Pediatric Discount Options
We offer a discount to pediatric patients who have NO insurance, when payment is made at the time of service. No discount applies otherwise.

The following discounts apply to uninsured pediatric patients only:

  • 5% for credit cards
  • 10% for cash or check

NO discount is given to patients who use Care Credit. NO discounts for adult care patients. 

For information about insurance or financial assistance, see below.

Insurance & Financial Assistance

Insurance & Financial Assistance

PUREDONTICS pediatric care belongs to the following insurance networks:





PUREDONTICS adult care does not belong to any insurance network but will process insurance claims as a courtesy.

NOTE: We accept any insurance carrier; however, out of network patients will have a higher out of pocket cost.

For questions regarding what is and is not covered by your insurance plan, please contact your insurance provider directly.

Financial Assistance
We accept payment plans for orthodontic procedures only.