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We Want You to Feel at Home

We treat each other and our patients like family. We genuinely care about your dental health and well-being, and it shows in the quality of care and compassion we deliver.

We Put Your Safety First

We maintain strict sterilization and cross-contamination standards and processes recommended by the American Dental Association, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Center for Disease Control.

We Want You to Be Informed

We strive to be transparent in our practice, including our dental procedures, safety protocols, and pricing. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.


Our Team is Committed

We're invested in you, your health, and your satisfaction.


Dr. Vienna Posada

Dr. Viena Posada, DMD

Pediatric Care

Dr. Viena Posada was born in Pereira, Colombia. Shortly after completing dental school at the Autonomous University of Manizales, she moved to Boston, where she graduated from Tufts University as a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.), with a Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Posada has also earned Certificates in Advanced Orthodontics from the Mid-America Orthodontic Society and American Orthodontic Society. In 2007, with more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Posada began practicing in the NH Seacoast. In 2012, she and her family started a dental practice in Alton, NH. In order to maintain the overall well-being of her patients, Dr. Posada focuses on using safe, less invasive procedures, and natural products. Dr. Posada is known for her commitment to providing the Seacoast community with quality dental care. When she is not in the office, you may find her cycling. Nature and exercise are her temple.

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Dr. Manuel Posada

Dr. Manuel Posada, DMD

Adult Care

Born in Pereira, Colombia, Dr. Manuel Posada earned his D.D.S. from Latina University of Costa Rica, graduating as Valedictorian. He then moved to the United States to continue his dental education at Boston University, where he received a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Prosthodontics, as well as a Masters in Dental Biomaterials, followed by his D.M.D.. Upon completion of his residency program, Dr. Posada was awarded the David J. Baraban Award, which recognizes the most outstanding resident in Prosthodontics, as chosen by the clinical faculty. Today, he also serves as Vice President of the Lakes Region Dental Society. Dr. Posada maintains exceptional clinical standards for his work, and is willing to take the time necessary to ensure an optimal outcome is achieved for his patients.

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Kelsi Boudreau

Registered Dental Hygienist


Luisa Galindo

Dental Assistant


Shiori Rather

Dental Assistant


Erica Smith

Dental Assistant


Alexzandrea King



We're Committed to Learning

We belong to a variety of professional dental associations to stay current with the industry's best practices. Our team is highly trained, and we do everything we can to keep expanding our knowledge.


We Invest in our Practice

We understand the importance of improvement. We invest in advanced products, equipment, and technology to help us provide patients with the best treatment possible.

Come Say HI!

We’re conveniently located minutes from the Portsmouth traffic circle at 1950 Lafayette Rd. in a landscaped business park situated perfectly away from the hectic downtown area. 

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Office & Amenities

Office & Amenities

Free Parking

There are 2 parking lots available with FREE parking for patients. One lot is in the front of the building, and there is a larger space at the rear of the building.


We're on the 3rd floor of the NEOS office building, and we are the only business on that level. It is accessible via multiple stairwells and by elevator. The first and second floor of the building are occupied with a variety of office suites.


Our clean and bright office contains 4 fully equipped operatory rooms, a laboratory, x-ray room, conference room, and a wheelchair accessible bathroom.



General Questions

Should I show up a few minutes early to fill out forms?

Yes. We are all electronic and you're encouraged to show up a few minutes early to fill out our Intake Forms via tablet. Or you can access forms here to fill out in advance of you appointment: Intake Forms.

Where do I park?

There are two parking lots: One is located at the front of the building, and the second, larger lot is located at the rear of the building. For additional location details and directions, click here.

Can you transfer my records to another dentist?

Yes. We would be happy to transfer your records. Please contact us to initiate this process. 

What is the difference between a filling and a sealant?

A sealant is placed on a perfectly healthy tooth, for the purpose of preventing decay. A filling, on the other hand, is placed on a tooth that has decay.  The materials are not the same but and the procedure is the same as is the general appearance of the end-product.

Will you seal a tooth after placing a filling?

No. The filling material will replace the sealant, and works by sealing the rest of that tooth’s surface. However; be aware that the tooth can develop a new cavity on a different surface, or on that same surface, if proper oral hygiene and nutrition are not followed.

How often do you perform x-rays?

Bitewing x-rays are taken yearly to check in between the teeth for cavities. A panoramic x-ray is taken every 3-5 years, depending on necessity. A full mouth series is taken when a child has all permanent teeth, and then every 5 years.

For Children

My child has a broken bracket – should he/she be seen?

Not necessarily. As long as the child is not in any pain or discomfort, it can wait until the next appointment to be fixed.

Should I be using fluoride?

There are two forms of fluoride: Systemic and Topical. Systemic fluorides are the drops, pills, and water fluoridation that is ingested and helps to protect the unerupted teeth. We limit prescribing systemic fluoride unless a huge need for it. Our theory is that the less we put in the body, the better. A child may be getting fluoride from other sources, and we don’t want to give them too much. Topical fluorides are the pastes, rinses, and gels that protect the teeth in the mouth. These are safe for children who are able to spit the extra fluoride out instead of swallowing it.

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Community Commitment

Community CommitmenT

Oral Hygiene and Nutritional Counseling

We offer complimentary oral hygiene instruction and nutritional counseling to patients. One of our clinicians will sit down one-on-one with patients to discuss the importance of good nutrition, oral hygiene, and to provide best techniques for brushing and flossing.

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